Family Portrait – Winner of MOSAICA Award

Family Portrait – Winner of MOSAICA Award


“Family Portrait” – Agricola de Cologne’s portrait of the Partnoy family and part of W:MoRiA received the MOSAICA Award 2005 on the subject: Jews and Diaspora.

Winner announcement

MOSAICA Award Winner Announcement
by York University Toronto, 2005

www.Mosaica is very pleased to announce Wilfried Agricola de Cologne and Nick Fox-Gieg as the first recipients of Mosaica’s annual Call for Projects award on the theme Jews and Diaspora: Web Culture New Culture Jewish Culture. Both projects portray different aspects of the politics of Diaspora but each uses a different visual language.

The completed projects will be mounted on by September 1, 2005.

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne: Family Portrait Wilfried Agricola’s collaborative net based project “Family Portrait” portrays three generations of the Partnoy family from Argentina in a triple
diasporic tale of survival and artistic creativity. The Partnoys escaped persecution in Europe, fleeing to Argentina where they were once again persecuted during the so-called Argentine holocaust during the military dictatorships. Raquel Partnoy, her husband and her two daughters succeeded in escaping and emigrating from Argentina and now live in the USA as visual artists, writers and poets. For Mosaica, Agricola will produce a third and final version of “Family Portrait” including new aspects of the story and a chapter about the lost son of the Partnoy Family. Agricola’s project spotlights poignant aspects of Jewish diasporic history (Argentina) as well as artists whose identity and work is formed by this Jewish history.

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne is a media artist and New media curator living in Germany His global networking project Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting was shown at the Bergen Electronic Arts Centre, Norway; the New Media Art Festival, Bankok; Now Music Streaming Festival, Berlin;Invisible Networks, Chicago; BASICS Festival, Salzburg; VI Salon Y Coloquio Iinternacional de Arte Digital, Havanna; File – Electronic Language Festival, Sao Paulo/Brazil.
Version 2 of Family Portrait was published in September 2004 in the framework of “Woman: Memory of Repression in Argentina” and can be seen at